It is a tool


Thanks to old man winter, our school year has been extended by 3 days. It’s hard to tell who is more bitter; the students or the teachers. Technically, it IS summer, but here we are in school…..waiting. Final exams are finished, books turned in, grades are completed.

Over a nine month period, the students become a part of my life. I’m a teacher, counselor, nurse, and part time parent to the Freshman. I’ve taught these young people about ancient cultures and religions. I’ve shared stories from my travels. We’ve discussed the importance of having a goal, helping others, and being a nice person. I’ve sent some to the administrator for being disrespectful, taken away countless phones, and shared my view on appropriate clothing.

Today’s youth are smart. They can text faster than the speed of sound. They know the lyrics to millions of songs, countless sports statistics. So why can’t they get this one thing?

IT’S A TOOL (not an adjective!)



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