Could we please get some glitter in here?

Being the only female in the house can have it’s advantages. I don’t take out the trash, never have to deal with a clogged toilet, and have lots of help when things get broken. But last night as I looked around my family room and saw three of my sons playing poker, my husband and other son watching hockey, and my male dog getting “romantic” with his bed I really could’ve used some more estrogen in the house!

Today’s homework


I am a high school teacher at a public school and have a great relationship with my students. They were happy and excited for me as I shared the news that I recently got a Mini Cooper convertible. I want to get personalized license plates and need help coming up with ideas, so today as a fun addition to our brain games and notetaking on the Progressive Era, I introduced a challenge. The students may submit ideas for me and if I pick one (and it’s available at the DMV), that student will get a giftcard!


Can’t wait to see what they suggest!

Dog Days

20150130_091705Have you ever wondered what dogs would say if they could speak English? I often wonder what my dog is thinking and speak for him. For example, today I was determined to break his habit of sneaking on the couch when no one was looking so I flipped up the cushions. He stood and watched me do this and this is how I imagined our conversation went:

Dog: “Seriously? Is this really necessary?”

Me: “Yes, it’s time you listened. Now go lie on your bed.”

Dog goes reluctantly to his bed and I exit the room.

A few minutes later I re-enter the room to him curled up in the leather chair.

Dog: “Technically, I’m not on the couch.”

And then I imagine him doing a victory dance as I shake my head and laugh.

The fountain of youth

I had a wonderful day in the beautiful outdoors with my family today. We all piled in the family minivan and headed out at 7:30 am on a holiday to spend quality time together. No fighting, no TV or video games, just us, snow, and gravity. I workout regularly and consider my age still in the “youngish” category, but after 7 hours of skiing, my body is disagreeing!

Unfortunately my aging body is still young enough to have to get up and go to work tomorrow. That is, if I can get out of bed!

An Ode to the end of summer

Everyone loves summer, right? IFor me, it’s the best part of the year. I look forward to summer more than any holiday. I am a sun loving teacher and mother of four sons. Summer means no more meetings, lesson plans, tests, or projects. So when the end of August rolls around, I feel a true sadness. imageGoodbye lazy days at the pool,

Goodbye sun soaked mornings,

Goodbye late evening walks.

So as I prepare to trade flip flops for real shoes, I am trying to stay positive….9 months until next Memorial Day weekend!

Dad is cooler than Me?

imageI was away for 3 days and my husband was in charge. I have an awesome husband, but wasn’t prepared for what I heard from my 4 sons when I returned home.

“What did you boys do with dad?”

“We grilled steaks, made root beer floats, had 3 friends sleepover, got donuts, went to the pool, and watched a movie.”

AND he folded all the laundry and went to the grocery store!

As a tiny part of me was jealous by his apparent coolness, I couldn’t help but think I should go out of town more often!