The view from the backseat

My family and I went away for the long weekend last Friday. As we headed to our friends’ river house, I had a new experience. My son was driving and I was in the back with his younger brothers. As I listened to my husband give him directions and gentle reminders, I shook my head. How is it possible that the baby who blessed us 17 years ago has grown into this man who is driving my family? I looked at my other 3 sons who were laughing at a joke and tried to imagine them in the drivers seat. We will have 3 in high school next year and I am a little freaked out. I remember the long afternoons trying to entertain them without TV, wishing the hours away until my husband got home from work. Most days all I wanted was to go to the bathroom alone! I must’ve blinked, because those days are gone now. College is looming for our oldest, which is very surreal because that is where I met my husband almost 24 years ago. As I was full of mixed emotions in the 2nd row seat of our minivan, I was also filled with pride. Somehow, our 4 rambunctious, messy, loud little boys are turning into wonderful men. Time to celebrate!


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