Lucky Me

I am a teacher from Late August-June and have enjoyed having the summer to do whatever I want to (well, actually it’s usually what my kids want to). This summer is different; I am working. And when I say work, I mean exhausting work….I am a camp counselor at an amazing program at our church. From 8-3:30 every day I am with over 100 kids ranging from 6-12 years old. We sing, dance, play, swim, pray, go on field trips, and get very sweaty. This is the BEST work I have ever done. It is also the most physically exhausting. I have to take a shower each afternoon and usually take a nap.

As adults we forget what life was like before jobs and responsibilities. It’s refreshing to be with those who are carefree. I am feeling so lucky to have this opportunity to spend the summer with these kids and get to see summer through their eyes! I love how excited they get when they win a game or get to lead the line to lunch. I have learned many new things during my long six days on the job: four square isn’t as easy as I remember, never give a small child a microphone, and hand sanitizer is an amazing invention. The cherry on top is that my own kids are at the camp- my oldest is a counselor with me (so strange- wasn’t he just a little camper?) and my 15 and 13 year olds are Counselors in training, while my youngest is a camper. I’m so thankful for this job!


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